How to Make a Terrarium in 7 Easy Steps

Terrariums are great decorations. They add a little greenery to a space and make for a fun project! I made this one over the summer (before school made these type of things impossible). I've made a couple more since then and have had fun experimenting with different types of succulents and little figures. 


First, you need to gather your supplies. You'll need a glass container, potting soil, sand, rocks, succulents of choice and decor items. I bought most of my supplies from Michael's and Lowe's. 


After you have all of your supplies ready, dump the whole bag of rocks into the bottom of the glass container.


Next, mix together about 2 cups of sand and 4 cups of potting soil.


Drop the mixture on top of the rocks.


Now you're going to place your succulents in the container. I like to pick a variety of different kinds to make it visually interesting.

Be careful when handling a cactus. It may be little, but those things still hurt like crazy. Thick gloves would probably be a good idea...

The fun part! Add any little miniature figures or decorations into your container. I picked up this little guy at Target. He's the cutest, gnome sayin'?

All done!

Thanks to my boyfriend for getting his hands dirty and helping me with this fun project!