REVIEW: Mayflower Restaurant

I'm taking a critical writing and reviewing class this semester. We're learning how to articulate our opinions to write film reviews, TV reviews, album reviews, food reviews and concert reviews. I haven't written many reviews before, so this form of writing is new and refreshing for me. This is an example of a quick review I wrote during an in-class exercise on a restaurant I recently tried.

Mayflower Restaurant offers southern food and southern charm

With only one semester before we graduate and leave Athens, my boyfriend Hunter and I made a list of restaurants we haven’t eaten at yet and want to try before we graduate. Last Friday morning, a cold and rainy morning, we set out to try one of the breakfast places on our list. The Mayflower Restaurant, a family owned business that’s been in operation since 1948, offers an atmosphere I’ve never experienced in Athens as well as quality comfort food.

We walked the couple of blocks from my apartment to the comforting, dry haven of the conveniently located Mayflower Restaurant, which is right across from the Arch on Broad Street. The outdated diner décor took me back in time, giving me an immediate sense of nostalgia and warmth. The waitress also immediately brought us two menus and offered coffee since there was only one other patron in the whole restaurant. A couple people, who appeared to be regulars, trickled in to order food to go. We drank the warm, smooth coffee out of white mugs covered in tacky advertisements that somehow added to the charm of the place.

I ordered a sausage biscuit and hash browns. The biscuit was excellent, but the sausage was pretty thin compared to the thickness of the biscuit. Hunter ordered the Country Boy Special, which included two eggs, grits, deliciously crunchy bacon and three soft hot cakes. You get all of that for $7. I’d definitely recommend the hot cakes and bacon. You can only get breakfast and lunch at Mayflower. I definitely plan to go back to try their lunch. From looking at their lunch menu, they primarily serve southern food. Think meat and vegetables. Cracker Barrel style food with the prices of Waffle House. Make sure you have cash or Bulldog Bucks because they don’t take cards. There is an ATM right down the street if you need one though.

Although some consider Athens a small town, this restaurant is a hidden gem that seems like it should be the only restaurant in a much smaller town. Their food is not necessarily out of this world, but combined with the atmosphere, this is a great breakfast option to satisfy a craving for southern food and southern hospitality.